Dr. Satinder Singh Rekhi is a champion in teaching and spreading the Science of Happiness and Well-being, and strongly believes in a simple motto – Happy People Are More Successful.

In fact, Dr. Rekhi is known for partnering with several premier institutions for promoting the Science of Happiness. He has sponsored research and studies on the Science of Happiness at California State University, Sacramento and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

His initiative, Rekhi Foundation, aims to work towards helping women and young girls, especially from less privileged backgrounds with the goal to help them pursue their dreams. He is also working with institutions like Gopichand Academy, GoSports to promote sports like badminton to deliver International players that earn and are awarded medals by providing them the guidance and tools for building mental strength. Again, Happy players receive medals and attain success.

Dr. Rekhi is the Chief Executive Officer of R Systems, a software product engineering company. The company is publicly traded in India at National Stock Exchange & Bombay Stock Exchange.

The trophy is waiting for you!

Survival or Happiness

Mr. Satinder Rekhi speaks about importance of happiness to survive in sports.

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